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On October 26, the 19th China Association of Clinical Laboratory Practice Expo (CACLP) made its grand inauguration at Nanchang Greenland International Convention and Exhibition Center. More than 1400 exhibitors gather together. This year the theme of CACLP is "Brand Makes Future Glory", Dirui showcases high-end in-vitro diagnostic systems and total laboratory solutions at the event.
Dirui CSM-8000 Integrated System, MUS-3600 Urinalysis System, BF-7200Plus Automatic Hematology System, BCA-3000 Automatic Blood Coagulation Analyzer, and GMD-S600 Vaginal Infections Analyzer, which all have achieved the perfect integration of functionality and ease of operation, with the advantages of high throughput, accurate results, high biosafety, they can efficiently serve modern laboratories. Visitors walk into the Dirui booth to learn more about the product advantages and performance indicators.
Laboratory intelligence is the future development trend. Dirui Laboratory Automation System is currently the first domestic automated product with independent intellectual property rights that can be connected to biochemistry, immunoassay, coagulation, hematology, and other detection modules. It includes input and output modules, centrifuge module, serum identification module, decapper module, aliquot module, recapper module, and storage module, which realize no pre-treatment work, and improve laboratory biosafety and work efficiency. It brings transformative experience to a modern medical laboratory by reshaping the internal processes of the clinical laboratory.
With the mission to popularize diagnostics and benefit the masses, Dirui will continue bringing the latest IVD products and better healthcare for everyone.

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