• LA-60 Sample Processing System LA-60 Sample Processing System

    >Input and output modules: 700 samples/ hour
    > Centrifuge -single module: 350 samples/ hour; two modules: 700 samples/ hour
    > Serum identification module: 700 samples/ hour
    > Decapper module: 700 samples/ hour
    > Aliquot module: 400 samples/ hour
    > Recapper module: 700 samples/ hour
    The LA-60 sample processing system can effectively reduce the TAT, optimize the testing process, enhance the detection capacity, and improve the overall working environment.
    > 3 types: Type I, Type U, Type L
    > Support the connection with DIRUI analyzers:
    CS-2000/CS-2000i auto-chemistry analyzer
    CM-320/CM-320i Chemiluminescence Immunoassay Analyzer
    BF-7200/BF-7200Plus hematology analyzer
    BCA-3000 coagulation analyzer
    Other modules are coming soon


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