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Date of publication:2021-02-10 09:24:25


DIRUI AI Intelligent Standardization Laboratory has welcomed the final member! BF-7200/7200Plus Automatic Hematology Analysis System has obtained the NMPA registration certificate. This new member with luxury configuration has been formally incorporated into the DIRUI Intelligent Standardization Laboratory, which elevated the whole DIRUI laboratory system performance to a higher level. China's one and only independent intellectual property which has completed the world-class IVD fleet!


BF-7200/7200Plus have obtained CE Mark.


---Modular design, multiple combinations

Flexible combination, provides a variety of choice.

---High efficiency with good performance

The combined speed can be up to 480 T/H.

Through the nucleic acid fluorescence staining technology, it can achieve real test results of nucleated red blood cell and the reticulocyte.

---Comprehensive parameters

44 Reportable parameters, includes 37 hematology parameters and 7 body fluid parameters.

---Intelligence by full-filing the actual needs Listening to the market and upgrade the software to a brand new system while realizing the accuracy of each test.


AI laboratory into the new era!

By the Chinese independent R&D, DIRUI AI intelligence standardized laboratory has full and independent proprietary intellectual property rights, which can realize one-stop test of biochemistry, immunology, hematology and coagulation. Through the whole process of data interactive management, it will significantly reduce the turnaround time with full automation. With the strength of "Chinese Wisdom", DIRUI will continue to facilitate the development of the global IVD market. In the future, DIRUI will keep on the path of independent research and development innovation, constantly seeking breakthroughs in the core technology fields, and re-define the global intelligent laboratory standards.

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