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In the global fight against the 2019-nCoV, the medical workers are the key to our final triumph. We IVD manufacturers are taking the responsibility to offer more protection for all medical heroes.

2019-nCoV in hospital

As Professor Hua’s research reported:

Comprehensive monitoring of the hygienical environment during the outbreaks of COVID-19 is condusive to nosocomial infection control. It is of great significance to prevent nosocomial infection and cut off all the potential transmission paths to laboratorians[2].

As the laboratorians work in a high-risk environment, it is extremely important to ensure their safety.

2019-nCoV has been isolated from urine by Professor Zhong's Team. Which has been reported by Xinhua News Agency and taken down in Clinical characteristics of 2019 novel coronavirus infection in China.

Attention must be paid to the aerosol or contact transmission caused by feces and urine [3].

To avoid too much aerosol produced by positive samples, the method most adopted now is to shorten their direct exposure time.


BUT ! 

Regular tubes were unsealed which means the samples were exposed to air directly during the whole test process as well as transportation process. Increasing the risk of nosocomial infection

How to keep 2019-nCoV away from laboratorains?

One cap provides total solution

Is it really necessary for COVID-19 patients to perform urinalysis?

The renal impairment could be caused by 2019-nCoV entering the cells through ACE2 that are highly expressed in the kidney which exhibited proteinuria directly[1].

Renal tubular epithelia degeneration, exfoliation and then hyaline cast visible in urine[4].

RETP, TREP and hyaline cast also as indicative items which are DIRUI instruments’ parameters.

[1] Caution on Kidney Dysfunctions of 2019-nCoV Patients
[2]Clinical Data on Hospital Environmental Hygiene Monitoring and Medical Staffs Protection during the Coronavirus Disease 2019
[3]Clinical characteristics of 2019 novel coronavirus infection in China
[4]Diagnosis and Treatment Criteria for 2019-nCoV Pneumonia (Trial edition 7), National Health Committee of the People's Republic of China, March 3, 2020

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